Health is an equation… we help you discover the solutions.

“Clarity, support and unique solutions that make the difference!”

Need help to achieve your goals in life?

We use an array of brain, body and mind awareness skills to provide tools for success.

In addition to 1-on-1 therapy, we regularly host trainings for people in small groups or as large as for key note speaking engagements. This helps people who want to learn and apply the equations to break out of feeling stuck and in a rut of mediocrity.

Shock Release

Feeling “Stuck, fragmented or stagnated?”
(our 1st Solution) This step is critical if you feel like you are spinning your tires with regards to your health. Often these individuals have become disheartened with previous drug therapies due to not experiencing any long term benefit. Typically this step is skipped in other offices, where many doctors and therapist often both scratch their heads and wonder why their clients never really improve with regards to chronic health complaints.
Your Body wants to Self Heal and self-regulate. It loses connection when we don’t handle Solution 1 (Motion & Shock Release) in a healthy productive way.

Brain, Body & Mind Connections Restored

Stop fighting yourself!
Our bodies frequently disconnect as a form of protection as a final step to temporarily protect itself from “shock.”
We utilize functional neurology with you in the office one on one with “Active hands on” therapies to help your brain recalibrate and restore balance. This 3rd solution provides our clients with the most immediate changes and they feel right in the appointments.
Functional Neurology is one of our most unique solutions that you will need to correct old stuck health problems. Many of our patients achieve results that are unprecedented using these solutions.

Stimulate & support your 14 body systems

How does anyone know where to start?
(Our 2nd Solution of 5). It is often the most confidence promoting for our patients to participate in discovering their problem patterns and how we will address each in order of their own bodies priority. This is a step that restores power to each person and teaches each how to continue to create success at home.
Additional factors that make us different are that most therapists, specialists and common doctors focus on only ONE system. Your body depends on all 14 systems to work together all the time.
Why settle for a limited perspective? In addition, there are 3 systems that are overlooked by nearly all practitioners. The fascial (connective tissue) system, the meridian (energetic connective) system, the excretory (elimination) system.
We will help you with all 14 systems so that they are able to work efficiently together. If we feel that we need additional perspective, we would love to work with any health care provider in your behalf.
We ask healing questions that most people don’t.
Therefore we find solutions that are typically overlooked.

Release negative patterns

A missing link in most degenerative health problems
(Our 4th Solution of 5). Getting rid of the negative patterns to create space for a better positive pattern. It is often the most critical and universally responsible of all the patterns that we observe crushing our patients potential. If unaddressed, problem patterns will inevitably repeat in your health and life. Our program can teach you the
7 steps to create order from Chaos in your life.
We help you unwind & release the combination of physical, & mindset blocks holding you back in every area of your life.

Detoxify Organs & Cells

Where are you storing your toxic load?
Are you ready to start releasing your toxic load instead of feeding candida or other viral infections? Infections are fed by toxicity, heavy metals and sluggish circulation. Therefore we are offering our 5th Solution of 5. Circulatory, Cellular and organ toxicity impacts our immune system more now than any other time in modern history.
Heavy metals, low quality food fillers, chemical toxicity in our homes and consumables, plastics and GMO in our food sources are just a few challenges to our health and brain function. Our patients usually see and feel positive success within the first 8 to 12 weeks of our detox program.

Achieve Health, Life & Relationship Goals

This is the center of our 5 solutions!
This is a keystone to your long term success. Unique to most health promotion centers.
Our team of mentors can turn your life from stuck in a rut to moving forward with confidence and passion. We often hit a home run when an individual chooses this acceleration option.
There is a limit to how many people that we can accommodate with these mentoring programs. You can choose to have experienced staff mentors help you with a specific block or have Dr. Troy assist you to accelerate success in the major areas of your life.

Natural Life Balancing Program

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